We specialize in gypsum board work such as ;

  1. ceilings
  2. wall lining
  3. bulkheads
  4. wall units
  5. partitions
  6. fire places 
  7. and any kind of gypsum covings.

We  provide solutions for humidity problems, sound proofing and fire resistant work.


We also provide Turnkey Contracting  Services where we can help you turn your 'shell' into a home without going through the hassle and headaches of running after people, meeting deadlines and all that comes along.

The Gypsum Board

Gypsum Board is also known as Drywall , Sheetrock or Plasterboard


We have 3 types of boards that we commonly use which are :

moist resistant : - which can be used in areas such as bathrooms.

fire resistant :- which can be used for areas such as a fire place.

normal common board : - which comes in 3 different sizes i.e 6mm, 10mm, 12.5mm . This kind of board is used practically everywhere ; kitchens, bedrooms, retail shops, restaurants, etc..